First blog post

I started dating my first real boyfriend at the age of 14 and in this day and age, we all know sexual activities is what a lot of teenagers do when they get into high school. People would always crack jokes about me and him having sex and at that time I haven’t even given him a blow job yet. But as the jokes continued I started to feel subtle pressure and I realized I probably should start taking birth control, just to be prepared for when him and I were ready to have sex.

I was never really informed about how to get birth control until my sister had told me that you could get birth control at the high school where we went. The sexual health nurses would come every Monday from 11:30-1pm to our high school and provide birth control for the affordable price of $5 a month and pretty much any kind of birth control you could ask for. The nurses were also so helpful with answering questions and informing you on sti’s , the pros and cons of each birth control , as well as other types of contraceptives.

Not only we’re the nurses extremely helpful but this program was confidential. They didn’t need your health card or any other information. Your parents are never contacted nor is your family doctor. Being able to access birth control at the high school made maintaining my sexual health a lot easier.

Being able to access birth control at my high school is where my passion for sexual health started. I was inspired by how open and wonderful the nurses were and the fact that I didn’t have to leave the safety of my school amazed me. I wanted people to know about the program that was being provided so me having a big mouth like I do, I spread the word like crazy. I told everyone. There were even teachers that didn’t know about the program. So many students had no idea and were having unprotected sex. As time went on advertising did happen and there were posters on the walls of the halls at school and announcements in the morning. I went from being able to see a nurse right away to having to wait a few minutes in line to see them, which didn’t bother me at all because people were finally addressing their sexual health. Nurses were even willing to stay longer so that every student would be helped that day. These nurses inspired me every time I saw them and it made me feel so safe.

The things the nurses do for their clients never ceases to amaze me and I will never be more grateful for their knowledge, time and patience. I will never be more grateful for being in the public school system in Kenora.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know where my passion for sex started. I plan on writing about several different sexualish things, and maybe some good fondant and modelling chocolate recipes for the erotic cake maker!

So don’t ditch me, please read my posts and always use a condom!


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