“That ring thing”

Now (I’m trying to make a metaphor here) how I see it, the birth control pill is like ketchup chips. They all have different brands that make them and each brand is a little different but in the end, they’re all ketchup and they all work well. Sometimes your body will like the Lays brand better than the Old Dutch because the Old dutch ones are too salty and give you canker sores but in the end, it’s going to taste good and protect me from hunger.( LOL. I thought that was kinda clever). I started taking the pill when I first started taking birth control. Alesse was the brand that I took which contains 20 mcgm of estrogen and 0.10 mg progestin. For the pill to work to its full potential of 99.8%, you need to take it every day at the same time. It’s fine if you don’t take it every day exactly at 3:15 but as long as you’re taking your daily dose you should still be protected but if you’re being accurate with your times and having “perfect use” out of your pill then there is only 0.1% chance of getting pregnant. I had a hard time remembering to take the pill every day at the same time. I found myself doubling up on pills pretty often or even missing a few days which made me unprotected for the month and I had to restart again after my period. I also never knew when I would be getting my period because my body wasn’t being regulated when I wasn’t taking my pills accurately. This process every couple months was extremely frustrating. I found myself having extreme mood swings. I would get very mad very easily. I would lash out at my boyfriend so often and he wouldn’t know what to do because he wasn’t doing anything wrong, it was just the crazy hormones.

So I finally had enough of being a crazy bitch that forgot to take her pills so I discussed my concerns with my boyfriend about going on a different kind of birth control and he suggested the “ring thing” because it’s probably “cool”. After this conversation, Monday rolled around and I skipped out of class early to get first in line to see the nurse. I expressed my concerns to the lovely nurse and she agreed that I should be put on a different form of contraceptive with lower hormones. The nurse asked me if there was a specific birth control I wanted to try so I told her that I was thinking about the NuvaRing. She then proceeded to tell me that since the NuvaRing literally sits in your vagina that it has a lower dosage of hormones than the pill which is what I needed because the high level of hormones in the pill was affecting my mood.

The NuvaRing is so perfect for me because you only have to think about it twice a month. You put it in after you finish your period, leave it in for 3 weeks and then take it out for your period. The NuvaRing shortens my period from 7 days to 4 days and has made my period lighter and less painful. Using the NuvaRing, I know exactly when I’ll get my period. I remove my ring on the second Thursday of the month, get my period on the Sunday around 6:00 pm. Sunday and Monday are always the most painful and heaviest days for me but after that, it’s smooth sailing till Thursday. I have been on the NuvaRing for about 4 or 5 years and I don’t see myself using any other kind of hormonal birth control because the ring is the perfect match for me. I love that you can’t feel it inside you and you can also take it out for up to 3 hours and still be protected. So if you or your partner can feel it while having sex, you can take it out, do your thing and then rinse it off and reinsert it.

I highly recommend the NuvaRing to those who have issues with remembering to take their pills or can’t handle the higher dose of hormones. I also like that you can’t really mess it up and you only have to worry about it twice in a month. And for those who feel uncomfortable with the idea of sticking something up their vagina themselves, you could always ask your partner to do it for you or if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can use a tampon applicator to insert the ring.

I am so glad that I switched methods of birth control. If I didn’t I would probably still be a crazy hormonal bitch. If you notice that your birth control method is not working for you, go talk to a nurse or doctor and ask for more options for you. Don’t just give up on the first or even second try. There are so many different kinds of contraceptives out there that there has to be something for you. Your sexual health is important! Also, don’t forget about Plan B. Yes it is expensive but remember (depending on where you are living) there are programs that can provide you with affordable Plan B or can even give it to you for free! Birth control is more affordable for some people than paying for a child for 18 years! Be wise, be happy and keep reading my blog posts!